The Praveen Beesa M/s MELISSA Tours and Travels Brand Of Tours

The travel business is a great personal 'need'. I will seek half a minute of your time to tell you briefly about myself. There is perhaps no reason for this, except to give you a bit of an insight into the background of the person who is seeking to handle your travel arrangements. I am from a Hyderabad (Pearl City) middle class. I have no formal training in the travel business. I started the business 10 years back with USD 50 (Rs.2000) from a shed primarily to make friends and 'get back to the world' - so to say. I have ever since tried all possible to ensure that I do not fall in the eyes of the people who have trusted me with their trip. We have had tremendous success with the business. Today we have our own office building well-trained staff and our deluxe transport. However, I did not notice these things happened. I just kept enjoying my work and the relationships I built. The manifestations of success listed above just kept happening on the side. I feel the business has given me back my self respect, status and above all friendship and trust of so many people. Hence, life has been a bit of a roller coaster ride for us and today I can sense a definite shift in priorities. As life is moving on, my need for money and wealth for me is diminishing. Things that I never had - friendship, trust, relationships etc. - are assuming greater significance. This is what the travel business is bringing to me.

It is the above shaping of Praveen Beesa, that has led to the shaping of the MELISSA Tours and Travels brand of tours.

What is this brand?

With all that has been said above, it does not require a wizard to figure out that people are the center of our focus whether it be, our people client or people in the destination. We want our clients to have a greater 'feel' of the destination, and not just a 'cold' superficial touristy overview.

  • Lifestyle Experiences:

We not only bring to you the tourist sites, but, the highlight would be when we shift our focus exclusively from monuments. We accept that cities in Rajasthan have great monuments which speak of the creative heights achieved historically by the artists and craftsmen of the land. However, besides touring these monuments in these cities, we would also have opportunities to walk through typical bazaars and shop for traditional specialties of each destination. We would ride 3 wheel cycle rickshaws (accompanied by peals of laughter from the onlookers as well as the passengers), ride elephants, witness traditional occupations such pottery, agriculture, and brick making, cotton fabrics etc all being made by hand using traditional tools and implements. We would also stop during our journeys to visit typical traditional homes that are still mud plastered with a coat of cow dung paste (Even bullshitting is for a reason !!); markets that are all on the pavements, roads (sorry trails !) are broad enough to permit only a one way traffic of donkey carts !!

  • Our Guides:

These are 'not just' guides. These are people from well educated cultured middle class families who can discuss with you on a diverse range of topics within a friendly and family atmosphere. The idea is we want you to relax, trust us, and, hence see 'better'.

  • Our Hotels:

We suggest handpicked hotels where we not only have value for money rates, but, these should be places that have atmosphere and charm without compromising on the amenities that discerning tourists would seek. Of course the personalization of service, which is the cornerstone of our endeavor, is an implicit requirement.

  • Understanding Your Trust:

We are delighted to receive your trust. I must however tell you that I am fully alive to the responsibility that comes with this entrustment and will do all possible not to fall in your eyes. We are looking forward to a long term relationship with our clients based on mutual trust and honesty. We want to benefit from your good will and will do all possible to ensure that we generate enough of it. The other problem is that in the travel business it is very difficult to communicate to people the quality of services we provide as well as our attitude to the business. Hence, it is for this reason that we maintain an exhaustive reference list of clients who could speak for us. That is something that we offer to all our clients (if requested). In fact, we need to constantly update this list and each booking that we generate is expected to be added to this list(Only name and e-mail, with consent). We will of course bend backwards to ensure that guests do not deny us this opportunity.

Finally, the attitude is that of making a friend. I feel fortunate and humbled to be in a business that gives me the opportunity to both make money as well as friends out of complete strangers - can I ask for more? I am extending a hand of friendship and an opportunity to experience our brand of India travel.