About Us


The most valuable things in life are not our possessions, but rather the experiences that bring us closer to each other and to ourselves. That is why, nearly 12 years after founding MELISSA Tours and Travels, I still regard travel as the most fulfilling and worthwhile pastime. No purchase or investment provides greater lifelong value than an inspiring journey taken in friendly company.

Our goal at MELISSA Tours and Travels has always been to provide such inspiring journeys. Our suggestive itineraries on this website include MTT’s customary insider access opportunities, and our independent inspiring trips feature experienced local guides with unmatched knowledge of the destinations on your itinerary.

Though an MELISSA Tours and Travels vacation may end in a matter of days or weeks, its benefits do not. You and the friends and family with whom you travel will savor your experiences together long after returning home. The people you meet and the sights you see will continue to provide inspiring memories. This is value in the truest sense of the word: a lasting gift to yourself that will only improve as the years advance, and let us welcome you to an unforgettable journey.

Praveen Kumar Beesa